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Galatians Introduction

Introduction to Galatians

The purpose of this brief post is to give us context on the letter Paul wrote to the Galatians so that we may better comprehend the podcasts and blog posts of this month. I personally enjoy the passionate truth that Paul shares within this book of the good news of the gospel. With Easter being this month I felt that Paul’s argument for the gospel just might be what we need.

Before we dive into the content of Galatians we’re going to learn Paul’s purpose for writing to the Galatians and give an overview. Galatians has been Paul’s most passionate letter he has written. He is disappointed that the Galatians have decided they want to live under the law of the old covenant rather than live in the freedom of the new covenant established under Christ. The main point Paul is trying to establish is that we are saved by faith under the new covenant and the way of the mosaic law is rendered useless for our salvation. Salvation is based solely upon our faith in Christ as our redeemer. Relying on Mosaic law actually demonstrates a lack of faith in Christ achieving your salvation. Trying in your own effort to meet the requirements of the Mosaic law disregards the purpose of the cross - the cross is enough, you do not need to do it in your own power. Living in the new covenant grants us freedom and a sense of peace knowing we don’t have to achieve obedience to God’s commands all on our own, we have the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit leads us and guides us in God’s way of doing things.

The gospel is good news, emphasis on the good. Trying to achieve salvation on our own is NOT good news. The good news is that Christ died and rose again as the perfect, spotless lamb that was slain as the ultimate sacrifice. The good news is that we no longer have to go through a high priest to sacrifice a lamb on behalf of our sins - our high priest and lamb were one of the same. While Christ sacrificed for us He is also our high priest whom through Him we have access to our Father God to have a relationship with Abba. (Hebrews 9:11-15 says this well.)

To conclude the intro, Paul is passionately trying to engrain in his readers minds that we live under new covenant and are saved by faith not works. He also wants us to never fall under the restraints of the old covenant again when we now have freedom.



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