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His Love Revealed

God's love has been so real to me lately. This seems to be my latest testimony. When I pray and talk to Him throughout my day I can sense Him with me. Lately while praying about something very important to me I can sense the Spirit giving me direction (I just need some enhanced discernment, but I'm on the right path). For example, this previous Sunday I had prayed a little prayer that had about a 3 hour time frame and He answered it! I was like "alright, God you're listening to me". It was a little prayer, but I needed it. This answer deals with a bigger picture. This also assures me that He cares about what matters most to me from the big things to the small things.

My spirit is beginning to realize His love for me despite circumstances in life. My spirit feels His love and rests in it so much more. I have always found worship important, but lately I've been able to feel His presence and allow His love to fall upon me. When His love is upon me I feel His peace and presence that gives me goosebumps. I personally have a hard time focusing purely on Jesus during worship. My mind tends to wander to other things, but I've been gracious to myself and recenter my mind on the purpose of why I attend to church. I attend to focus on His presence and the teaching of His Word. When I refocus my mind on Him during worship I can feel His love and I am now more often filled with awe of how much God loves me. When viewing the Bible as God's love story to me it makes me feel even more loved. There is such an intimacy with worship and having that one on one time between you and God as well as having scripture read over you. Scripture and worship seem to be great evidence of His love for me.

A recent Christian song I have fell in love with is Reckless Love by Cory Asbury and these lyrics just embrace how God loves us. I think this song touches me so much because even through the period where I was so angry and confused with God after my mom's passing He still poured His love over me. God wanted me even though I was so hurt and upset. He never stopped pursuing me. He pursued me through the love of the people in my life who kept directing me to Him. He isolated me so that He could grasp my full attention. He loves me so much that He wants my love to be directed to Him first and foremost. He loves me so much that He wants me to love Him and want Him more than anything. I've come to a point where I can say I truly do love God. Sure, I still struggle and tend to sometimes whine to Him because I'm frustrated (like super frustrated) about certain things, but I get to rest in His love. I get to rest in God's love. When I become frustrated or overwhelmed I have to tell myself God loves me and will take care of me. He has already taken care of me through the cross. My past, present, and future are handled by the God who loves me. When opposition occurs I know He love me that much more because I see that as an indicator He has some plans brewing that intimidates Satan so much that he wants to hinder me.

The revelation of God's love for me has come from the progress I've seen in my life. The little accomplishments that are leading to a bigger picture and ministry assure me of this. God loves me so much that He has placed an aspiration within my heart for this crazy dream that can only come true through His provision. I can't wait to see what He does in my life! Proof of His love is found in the growing pains and how He has refined me while He has me all to Himself. God's love is pursuing you and how He does so in your own personal story is so beautiful. He loves you even though all we have to give Him is our human heart. Surrender to His love and allow it to change you. The process doesn't feel pleasant, but His love, His love is ALWAYS refreshing. Bask in His love and allow Him to carry you. Through the journey my heart is learning to want Jesus and His love more than what this world has to offer. [In regard to the last comment I recommend the song "More Than Anything" by Natalie Grant. I cried when the first time I heard it. OH MY GOODNESS. So good.]

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Below are the spotify links to both of the songs referenced in this post.

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