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Yellow Butterfly

Last week I had bought a book of prompts to inspire my writing and I wrote my first one today! The Prompt wanted me to write about a physical conscience like the cricket in Pinocchio, here is my response: The first thing that comes to my mind to be my physical conscious would be a small, vibrant yellow butterfly. I often see a small, yellow butterfly in my backyard and it always reminds me of my mom because she loved butterflies. I would pick a butterfly to be my physical conscience because it would remind me of my mom who would of course want me to do the right things in life as well as make the right decisions. I think a butterfly would make a great conscience symbol because the butterfly was once only a caterpillar that could only walk instead of fly, but through an uncomfortable transformation process it can fly to places it has never imagined and see things in a whole new, very different perspective. Having the butterfly as my conscience would change my everyday life by it being a constant, positive force of encouragement that I can see. It would symbolize a force of encouragement for me because the butterfly has lived through a drastic, scary change and survived. Not only did the butterfly survive, but it came out of metamorphosis even more beautiful and capable than before. This butterfly would encourage me to make the scary, big decisions because even though the decision may be scary it can very well be the right decision for my life which will only help me grow and prosper in life. Since the butterfly conscious will only help me prosper, it would also portray all my mom wanted for me in my life. My mom always wanted me to get out and face the world, to not let anything scare me. All my mom ever wanted was for me to grow as a person and really I think that's all mom would want for her daughter. The yellow, delicate butterfly would be a constant reminder to make the right (even scary) decisions in life to better myself. This butterfly would remind me to be the woman my mom raised me to be; to not all fear to rule my life. My mom pushed me to do what I want to do in life, to be someone that I would be happy to be. I don't want to live a life that would dismiss the hard work she put in to raising me to be a fearless, "go accomplish the world" type of woman. I don't want to allow her effort in raising me to the woman I am supposed to be, be in vain. I need to remember the little, yellow butterfly I see is a sign I'm supposed to be greater than what I am and strive to be the woman my mom raised me to be everyday.

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