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Don't Let Grief Define You

Don't Let Grief Define You! This is such a hard lesson to learn. I've had some revelation in the month of July and some things were brought to my attention. I have been letting grief define me instead of who I am in Christ. I have been living day to day trying to get by without God's help for far too long. Within the week of realizing I need to glorify God despite any circumstance I began to feel God's joy He wants for my life and that is an incredible feeling. Starting your day off with God by simply praying you are going to trust Him with your day has had a huge impact on my attitude so far. Now that simple prayer isn't so simple for a stubborn person like myself who wants to be in control of her life, but laying it down before God gives such joy. Since my mom has passed it has felt like an ongoing battle in my mind against Satan, but these past 2 weeks where I have said "God. I need you" my mind has felt so much more relaxed. I will continue to write more in my next post about this, but I thought I would share something new. Before ending this post I would like to share a moment I had 2 Sundays ago. (The Sunday after It became clear I wasn't putting God first in my daily life and if I don't my life can/ will be a mess) I was dozing off in bed when I was startled by a very deep, but also very soft spoken voice which said: "I'm glad you came." which was then followed by an embrace that felt like someone was hugging my shoulders from behind. Now I'm not 100% sure it was God, but that is what I'm leaning towards because He has a still voice. What I take away from this moment is that God is happy that I came running back to His arms and experienced His peace and joy that week despite my circumstances. Only God's love can bring me the joy and peace I need in my life. We are all God's children and He loves each and every one of us. He is waiting for us to come running into His arms that are filled with love. God's love will always be there and it is our choice to accept it. God loves me even when I don't feel it or CHOOSE to acknowledge it, I am His child and He defines who I am not the sadness I have felt for too long. Let God love you. Trust Him with your life. Doing so will lift the weight off of your shoulders. Rest In Him. Let God define you.

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