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Enduring By Grace Ministries’ 2023 Goals

Enduring By Grace Ministries’ 2023 Goals:

  • Navigating Grief with Grace Podcast

    • This podcast will have 2 episodes per month.

    • Podcasts will be published on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month.

    • This is viable for the first quarter with the current podcast season plan.

    • The majority of episodes will contain my personal reflection on my grief journey. I recently participated in co-leading a Grief Share group at my church that aided me in organizing my journey a bit more thoroughly. There are also biblical concepts that appear within grief that we will also explore.

    • This podcast will be the main source of support provided to bring hope to the hurting (along with the coinciding blog posts) providing a sense of community as you navigate the hurt.

  • Exploring God’s Truth Podcast

    • Maintaining 2 podcasts is a lot to manage thus this podcast will not have set air dates but will have episodes when inspiration strikes. I will be beginning my M. Div program this January thus the time management for this podcast but hope inspiration will strike through assignments and personal Bible study.

    • When recording this podcast it may be “messier” than Navigating Grief with Grace as far as production goes but not any less REAL.

  • Fundraising and Partnerships

    • As one of our primary goals overall is to financially help those who are struggling to pay for memorial and burial services for their loved one we are constantly brainstorming and seeking fundraising solutions to help achieve this goal. It has been a slow process but we will not allow that to discourage us from pursuing this goal.

    • In order to achieve this goal we will be seeking out partnerships that will aid this mission. If you are someone you believe can partner with us on this mission, please contact us. We would love to work together.

    • Fundraising will consist of but is not limited to generous donors, raffles, and the promotion of the Amazon Smile program.

  • Outreach & Implementing the mission

    • Bereavement Cards & Letters

      • If someone you know has recently suffered from the loss of a loved one please send us their information (Name, address, name of loved one, and their relation) and we would love to send a card & letter to let them know they are loved and not alone during this time. We want to give them a little bit of hope during this painful time letting them know that Enduring By Grace Ministries is praying for them and would like to help them through whatever resources we have.

      • If you or someone you know has experienced the loss of a loved one and has a website or post of any kind indicating how others can help financially please share that with us (giving us permission to share) so that we may share this on our website and social media to try to recruit more aid.

        • While we are still a small non-profit with limited funds we would love to purchase a floral arrangement or make a monetary donation when funds allow so please share this information with us.

      • Link to the submission form:

  • How you can help Enduring By Grace Ministries achieve these goals:

    • Monetary donations

    • Selecting “Enduring By Grace Ministries” as your charity choice when you shop on Amazon with Amazon Smile activated

    • Sharing

      • Sharing our posts on social media with your circle helps attract a wider audience thus helping us attract more donors and supporters.

    • Podcasts

    • Partnering with us

      • If you have a business or non-profit that helps aid our mission please reach out to us.

        • Fill out a submission form here:

        • Examples include:

          • Funeral homes (ex: if someone is referred to you by us they receive a discount on the package received counting as a donation on our behalf - tax write-off!)

          • Florists (ex: f someone is referred to you by us they receive a discount on the arrangement received counting as a donation on our behalf - tax write off!) (ex: a donated arrangement (or voucher(s) for an arrangement) that can be given to a person of our choosing. - Tax Write off!



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