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Encouragement to my Doubting Christian Friend

I recently had to write a brief post to a hypothetical Christian friend who was dealing with doubt due to the evils and struggles they have either experienced or observed in this world for my apologetics class and it made me think that it may be something I should share on here. Everyone questions the evils of this world from time to time and it's important that we focus on God's goodness instead of dwelling on the evils. My post follows:

I understand what it feels like to have doubt due to the trials and evils that occur in this world. You either question God’s power and authority or His existence when you ponder over the evils and your personal struggles for too long. We live in a fallen world, God did not intend for His creation to have evil dwell in it. God gave us the gift of Jesus’ death and resurrection to fix the problem of evil. Jesus’ atonement for our sins allows us to have relationship with God and ultimately live in a new heaven and new earth where there will be no more tears.[1] It is important that we Christians keep in mind that even Jesus suffered while on earth. Jesus’ life wasn’t easy; His life purpose was to die and rise again for us mere sinners. When Jesus cried out to God asking Him to take this “cup” away if possible God didn’t take the cup away.[2] If God allowed Jesus to suffer we shouldn’t expect to be free from suffering either. Suffering humbles us and reminds us that we desperately need God in our lives because only He has all the answers. We’re not God and shouldn’t try to play His role to figure out the “why” questions. God is omnipotent thus He knows the reasons behind every occurrence even if we never do. We need to be okay with not knowing all the answers.

Struggles make us stronger. Trials help us become dependent upon God for strength. Through God’s given strength we can endure and overcome our trials so that we become a living testimony for His glory. I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. My mom passed away two years ago at the age of forty (I was twenty) and I struggled with accepting that God allowed her to pass away instead of healing her on earth. I was so upset with God for leaving me motherless and allowed that to affect my walk with Him. I miss my mom and wish she were still here, but I’ve grown so much as a woman of God. I have learned so much through everything that has happened since her passing and I continue to learn from each trial that occurs in my life. Lessons and character develop from the struggles we endure. Our faith is refined by the fire; we suffer for a little while but will soon be able to rejoice again.[3] In the midst of the evil and experiencing doubt hold onto the truth of Romans 8:28 – “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (emphasis mine).[4]

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